The program "was even better" than I expected! "It has changed my life."

‚Äč-Tasha, graduate

"[I]t is a very helpful program with people in the community who genuinely do care! If you want the program and you want to change, this program gives you all the ways to achieve that."

-Tiffany, graduate

"I got way more than I expected and I'm very grateful to have the chance to come. This program is structured and run well. It is an awesome program if you put the work in."

-Maxine, graduate

"Things are finally starting to look up for me."


"This is a great program if you're ready and you want it. I thought it would be awful but once I started putting

in the work, it changed

my life."

-Lyndsay, graduate

"...[T]his is a great program for recovery and life skills. It was a wonderful experience for me. "

-Sheena, graduate

"I love everybody here & no one will ever understand what an impact they have made on my recovery & my life. Ruth Haven has taught me to have hope & to love."

-Jessica, graduate