Basic Criteria for Admission:
We request that the applicant have at least the first week’s rent in advance, and be:

1.  Female age 18 or older
2.  Presently free from alcohol and all non-prescription psychoactive substances
3.  Free from withdrawal symptoms
4.  Voluntarily seeking services and expressing a desire for services
5.  Free from health conditions which would require medical treat
ment in another setting

6.  Free from psychological needs which would require strict supervision or which would prevent the ability to meet demands of program
7.  Able to take and pass a urine drug screen
8.  Willing to abide by house agreements
9.  Able to make at least a 6 month agreement to the program
10.  Willing to work/obtain a job if not currently working
11.  Able to pay first week's rent & drug test ($140.00)

           *These are a few of the main criteria for interview.

For referring agency:   Send…

      *medical evaluation and assessment with diagnosis (from within 90 days)
       *history of drug and alcohol use
       *treatment progress and recommendations
       *TB screen results dated no more than 30 days prior (if available)
       *application completed by client
       *copy of release of information


**If the person applying is taking prescription medication, they must have access to at least a month’s supply upon admission. All medications must have a pharmacy label and must not be on our list of banned medications (found in Resident Handbook).

(Application, Resident Handbook, and Consent for Release of Information can be found under Forms tab.)

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested. please contact us! 

We need volunteers to teach life skills (e.g., cooking & banking), personal interest development, parenting skills...just to name a few! We are also looking for women who might be interested in helping residents transition out of Ruth Haven by helping look for an apartment, developing a budget, getting utilities set up, etc.

Please, give us and call and see how the residents can benefit from your talents, skills and wisdom!