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Ginny Hardwick, Interim President

Alison Frazier, Interim Secretary
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Upcoming Events

 Annual Awareness Dinner

Thanks to all who made the 2018 dinner a success! We look forward to planning next year's event!

Soup, Stew, Chili & Brew

We will not be participating in SSCB this year, but we do expect to return in 2019. We love this event!

Our Mission

The Mission of JCTSI is to address the substance abuse epidemic in the local and surrounding counties by providing a supportive environment in which people with substance abuse issues can learn about the disease of addiction, develop skills to re-establish their lives, maintain sobriety, and give back to the community. 

Who We Are

Ruth Haven is a program of Jefferson County (IN) Transitional Services, Inc. (JCTSI). It is a residential program for women in recovery from alcohol and/or substance abuse which houses up to 9 women as they transition back into society.

Ruth Haven is a renovated home located in the historic district of downtown Madison, IN. The facility is within walking distance of many cultural, recreational, and employment opportunities.

Ruth Haven provides the structure necessary for residents to establish and further strengthen their sobriety.

The residents will learn responsibility for maintaining personal sobriety and the necessary living skills which enable them to become increasingly independent. Our objective is to aid the resident's return to society as a functioning member of the community.

We recognize that women in recovery face significant challenges, including, but not limited to: dependency on alcohol/drugs, economic issues, poor work history, health issues, lack of work skills, housing, limited education, physical/sexual abuse, and parenting issues. Our goal is to assist and empower women to overcome these problems so that they have the best chance of success when they leave Ruth Haven. 

Governed by a Board of Directors, daily operations of Ruth Haven is carried out by a House Manager and evening hours by a live-in Night Monitor who is also in recovery. 

Residents are required to participate in self-help, counseling and community service. They work, pay rent, and maintain the home. They are also required to cooperate with courts and other agencies with which they are involved. 

Prospective residents are required to complete an application and attend an interview. Once applicant is accepted, she must remain in regular contact with the House Manager to maintain her place on the waiting list.

​Ruth Haven is always looking for volunteers and active board members!​